Our Team

Our team currently operates in a growing number of neighborhoods across the United States.

Aaron - Phoenix Loans


Executive Officer

Aaron is the co-founder of Phoenix Loans. As the leader of this cast of characters, he tries to keep everyone going in the same direction.

Mike - Phoenix Loans


Arizona | Colorado Market Manager

Jeff was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. Having watched this city grow, he is knowledgeable of the nuances of the Phoenix real estate market. He has been with Phoenix Loans since 2010 as the first hire of the company and has helped facilitate the growth of the company with the rest of the team.

Mike - Phoenix Loans


Accounting & Treasury Manager

David has been with Phoenix Loans since 2011 and has over 20 years’ experience in the financial field. Prior to Phoenix Loans, he held positions as a Mortgage Lender, Credit Analyst, and Corporate Financial Planner. David manages the accounting and treasury functions at Phoenix Loans. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Michigan State University, Master of Business Administration from Arizona State University, and Master of Accountancy from Auburn University. He is a Certified Public Accountant by the State of Arizona and a Certified Management Accountant by the IMA.

Josh - Phoenix Loans


Central Ohio Market Manager

Josh has been working for Phoenix Loans as a manager in the Central Ohio, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky markets since 2014. Josh is a licensed real estate agent and has lived in the Columbus area his entire life. Josh has a construction background and is married to an architect. He has been able to use his knowledge and experience in the market by overseeing hundreds of fix-and-flips. His goal is to be a tool in our investors toolbelt, giving them honest values and a second set of eyes for their investments to ensure success.


Northeast Ohio Market Manager

Sara has been working for Phoenix Loans as a manager for the Northeast Ohio market since 2015. As a licensed real estate agent and native to the Cleveland area, she has been able to utilize her knowledge and expertise of the market by overseeing numerous fix-and-flips, conducting accurate valuations on properties, and helping clients succeed in their real estate endeavors.

Steve - Phoenix Loans


Ohio | Northern Kentucky Market Manager

Steve has been with Phoenix Loans since 2015, serving Ohio and Northern Kentucky. He is responsible for notarizing and recording loan and real estate documents as well as approving draw requests. Steve also manages data mining company wide. His goal is to aid in the continued growth and success of the company.

Mike - Phoenix Loans


Dallas Market Manager

Michael has been with Phoenix Loans since 2018. He was hired to start the Dallas market and has grown it consistently. He also flips homes on the side. Michael has been in and around the industry since 2009, with great knowledge of private money lending, wholesaling, and single-family flips. He plans to continue to help the company grow in Texas.

Mike - Phoenix Loans


Customer Service Representative

Todd comes from the Queen of American Lakes in upstate New York. As a spry young lad, he made his way to the desert with hopes of becoming the next top Chef. Ten years later, he needed a change of pace. Todd joined the team at Phoenix Loans in 2015 with no experience but had drive and passion to succeed in a highly competitive industry. He continues to learn and be a great representative for Phoenix Loans.